Hi! I’m Miriam

BA Photography, Kingston University, 2012-2015


23rd July-9th August 2015 “Air Group Summer show” The Muse Gallery, Notting Hill

30th May- 5th June 2015 “Dolly Mixture”, Photography Degree show, Kingston University, Kingston Upon Thames

30th April-4th June 2014 “Organized Chaos”, Hoxton Basement, Hoxton



“Artists may use light to dazzle, bind or captivate; it can denote coldness or the greatest warmth; it can evoke emotion or energy. That is visible to touch, gives it a magical, spiritual quality.” Jeannine Fiedler

I am an artist that uses photography to observe and capture light and shadows.

I analyze light from distinctive perspectives: physical, philosophical, scientific and spiritual.

In my work there is in fact present a strong sense of spirituality; light and shadows often refer
to universal values of Good and Evil, life and death.

I use film and digital cameras, but also camera-less techniques, to picture shadows, lines
shapes and colours; part of my photography belongs to the world of abstraction, leaving to the
viewer the possibility to transfer into the picture their past experiences or knowledge and have
a personal interpretation.

I create obscure and ambiguous images that are seductive and evocative.

The study of photography generated in me an interest in the adoption of a double form of
expression, in fact while my root is founded on light, I am drawn to surround my images in
shadows and darkness; the shadow is my instrument to seduce the viewers and escort them to
discover light in each photograph.