The space for prayer

With this project I want to underline the fact that society and media are separating and moving away from religion, and how prayer now is considered something only for religious people.
I brought the act of prayer to a place in which is out of context. I believe that society is moving very fast and it’s becoming more and more difficult just to stop, and in this case pray.

Everyone along his life look for an identity, a position and not only in the sense of being a human occupying a physical space on earth but also in a existential way, hence not just in a materialistic contest but also spiritual.
Therefore comes the act of prayer, where both this visions of identity are fulfilled, you build a relationship with God, that gives you a sense of being in the world and being aware of what is around you as a recognition of your living in space and time, and as a physical act you become part of what is around you and you interact with external space, that at the same time becomes as internal space.
In my images you can see that praying is done in a precise part of space, in front of the person there is a reflection of all different elements from the world that surround the person, so it’s built this relationship between the space and the body, and between the body and the spirit.