In a dark night I have seen a great light

From the beginning of time, it has been mankind’s primal characteristic to find shelter from the outside world and illuminate darkness. During the night, the explosion of lights within the cities of today have substituted stars and switched the natural cycles of all living things.

Being raised in the countryside where the night is filled with darkness, the transition to the city, in my adolescence, had a big impact on me, especially considering its nocturnal landscape. One after the other, the lights of the city attracted me out of the secure haven of the home.

This made me see how vulnerable we are as humans; the body, the shelter of the soul, it is sensitive as the glass of a bulb and easy to break. In the photographs the light bulbs are in the midst of darkness, in the reality in which we find ourselves sometimes, a reality of night, where no light shines through us.

Through photography though, the science of light, the broken bulbs, once they lost their original purpose, assume a new glow and create a new light.